Institutional support

In the framework of institutional support, our Office is specialized in the realization of contracts and identification of experts in the following areas:

  • technical assistance,
  • capacity-building,
  • formulation and evaluation of projects and programs,
  • feasibilitystudies,
  • audit, ….


ACAEXPERTISE provides to enterprises and international organizations, experts for technical assistance missions financed by donors and development partners. In this domain, our area of expertise is essentially the sub-Saharan Africa, and our African and international consultants and are highly qualified and have a great experience in Africa.

The sectors are as follows:

Support to trade and to the private sector
In these areas the expertise of our firm covers the following sectors:

  • Development and reforms in trade policies:
  • Capacity-building of trade negotiations
  • Support to the establishment of customs unions: Trade facilitation,
  • Competition Policy
  • Elaboration of policies for the development of exports and of the sectoral strategies
  • Assessment and management of business risks, …


  • Promotion and protection of human rights
  • Support to the democratization: process of democratization, Elections,
  • Strengthening of the administration of justice:
  • Decentralization and local development
  • Enhancement of the role of the civil society: capacity building of NGOS

Macroeconomy  and public finances


  • Analysis / macroeconomicreforms


  • Evaluation of national statistical systems
  • Measure performance / monitoring, identification of indicators, …

   Management of public finances

  • Evaluation (PEFA, …), diagnosis of the reforms of the public finance management,
  • Internal and external audit of public finances
  • Taxpolicies
  • Budgeting: policy development, forecasting, preparation, execution, ….


  • Reform of the customs administration (modernization, ….)
  • Organization, follow-up and operation of the customs administration, ….

Rural development and food security 

  • Studies of departments and sectoral studies,
  • Animal husbandry, fisheries and aquaculture,
  • Hydro-agricultural, irrigation and irrigated perimeters
  • Agrarian reform, development of the territory and restructuring of farms,
  • Food safety
  • Support to producers’organizations
  • Horticulture
  • Hydrological (APS / ODA studies) and hydrogeological studies
  • Geographic Information Systems


  • Environmental assessments (audit, study of environmental and social impact, ..)
  • Development of environmental policies and strategic council
  • Fight against climate change (adaptation, fight against desertification, REDD, ….)
  • Protection and conservation of biodiversity, management of protected areas
  • Legality Traceability and forest governance,
  • Sustainabledevelopment
  • Risk Management (assessment, prevention and development of security plans)
  • Protection of wildlife, of the flora and sustainable management of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems)
  • Management of protectedareas
  • Waste management
  • Wastewatertreatment

Transport and infrastructure

  • Technical audit of civil engineering works,
  • Feasibility study of roads, railways, etc projects,
  • Studies on the safety of transport, ….
  • Evaluation of sanitation and water supply networks

The experts in the health sector are competent to engage in missions in the following domains:

  • Analysis of policy and health systems
  • Epidemiology (environmental health, water and sanitation aspects related to health,…)
  • Health economics and financing
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