Sectoral studies

In the framework of support to the private sector, one of our areas of competence lies in the design of sectoral studies.

The specificity of the studies that we propose lies in the fact that they go beyond the presentation of the general characteristics of the studied sector to identify the most relevant and more current information as much possible.

Our services are subdivided into two components:

  • Firstly, we propose periodic studies in various sectors, based on the interest they represent with respect to Cameroon’s current economic situation;
  • Secondly, we design and realize sector studies or studies upon request.

Attached are available sectoral studies. For more information please contact:

For each study have a link that leads to the summary and to the Table of Contents

  • The sector of intercity transport of persons by road in Cameroon
  • The sector of building and public works (MGB) in Cameroon: States of affairs and perspectives
  • The mining sector in Cameroon: artisanal and mechanized mining of gold, States of affairs and perspectives


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